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Once you enter a campus of any institute, the prospering campus gives the positive sign that this place is meant for an optimistic growth. Bharat Institute of Aeronautics has developed itself with all the wonders required for a student’s growth and education. An aircraft Maintenance Course needs a well theoretical and practical training all together, keeping that suitable area in concern, Bharat Institute of Aeronautics is a place with all Airframe workshop, Airframe systems, Airframe structure and even Aircraft hangers to learn here at fullest.

In this technology led era, Smart Class cannot be any dream. It should be the part of daily study. Virtual Classroom, digital equipments to make a Digital Classroom with all Smart Learning facilities has been designed in the campus of BIA. In need to update the student’s learning with recent technology, the Smart Classes with projector used slides and projects based smart learning. Everything under one roof is possible. High speed & Secure Wi-Fi internet facility is provided in entire college campus 24×7. All classrooms are fitted with latest digital aids like OHP, CBT, LCD projectors, Laptops with audio amplifier.

Smart classes
Virtual classroom
Digital classroom
Smart learning in BIA
Best AME course in India

When it comes to Aircraft Maintenance Course, only lectures are not going to help. To fulfill the need of learning better, we have Airframe Workshops time to time happening in the campus. The live aircraft studies and reading the airframe structure practically helps a lot for students to grow practically and skilled Aircraft Maintenance Engineer.

Airframe workshop
Airframe systems
Airframe structure
Bharat Institute of Aeronautics Workshop
Airframe workshop at BIA

Monitoring the Aircraft Hangers too is a part of the course. BIA being inside the airport premises gives you an opportunity to grow in the professional campus itself. Institute has full featured Laboratories & Workshops egg.

Aircraft hanger
Aircraft hanger at BIA
Worshop at Best AME college in India
Aircraft Hangar workshop at BIA
Hangar at Bharat Institute of Aeronautics
Hangar workshop at Best AME college in India

Recreation centre for Recreational activities is a necessary need. Time for learning means there should be time for enhancing yourself 100%, because every sector requires all round knowledge with physical and mental wellness. Institutions Library is having a huge collection of books on Engineering, Science, and Technology etc. A calm place to read, and spend some valuable time with books gives a break from more of sessions and classes. The campus is stress- free and growing area for any individual. All that get well starts from a very positive environment and we are here with the same. BIA has proved out to be a place which changes the persona of a person completely, so every student here indulges themselves into every activity and enjoy studying here.

Room games
Recreational activities
Gameroom at BIA
Recreational room at Bharat Institute of Aeronautics

BIA is a store of overall development in a student with well equipped Game Room and recreation centre where all Recreational activities take place time to time for fitness and activeness . Growing up never means just study; fun and fitness are the part of education. That has been kept in mind while designing the campus of BIA. Game rooms, Book library are the most important for the overall development of one's intelligence and research activities.

Book library
Library at Top AME college in India
Library at BIA

Avionics labs & Mechanical workshop with latest equipment. When it comes to practical training, it is very necessary to have such environment and equipments on which you can work and learn bit by bit of repairing, so for that BIA has that learning space for practical sessions. BIA is a place to prosper in Airframe system that gives you the best view of airplanes and airport campus, and makes you totally grow in the environment you are going to work in professionally.

Avionics engineering
Avionics engineering Workshop at BIA
Avionic engineering workshop at Bharat Institute of Aeronautics

Along with good guidance in the classrooms, a practical training is offered with good knowledge about Arcraft Maintenance and aircraft parts. The right engine parts knowledge and the Engine Repair are taught on live aircrafts during Airframe Workshops and classes. An Institute training and building future aircraft engineers has all the required aircraft parts on which the students get trained and learn engine repair. It is said, a demo can help you for every way. The same is demo teaching been regulated in BIA. We have 3 live aircrafts for best training of students. (i) Hawker Siddley HS 125 (ii) Beach Bonanza A-35 (iii) Aeronca Sedan. They have to perform their training session on live aircraft such as Air India, Indigo, Jet Airways, Go Air, Spice Jet etc. Live aircrafts in a campus is really a boon for AME Students studying here. The only institute in Bihar and Jharkhand with all these facilities to make an AME prosper within the course time. The aircraft maintenance degree needs practical knowledge of Aircraft Parts and its repair and maintenance.

Aircraft parts
Aircraft maintenance at Bharat Institute of Aeronautics
Engine repair
Director of Bharat Institute of Aeronautics


  I worked as pilot having an experience of 45 years in aviation sector & with my experience i can vouch with utmost conviction that an AME is a backbone of an aviation industry in true sense.  

Capt. Vinay Karmshil
(Director cum Accountable Manager)
(Retd. Chief pilot, Govt. of Bihar )

BIA Patna

Bharat Institute of Aeronautics (BIA), Patna is one of the primary Institutions to promote Aviation Awareness amongst the new aspirants and move forward towards progressive development, with changing time and technology.

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