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Work of an AME and Aeronautics Engineer in Aviation sector

 In the aviation industry, an AME and an aeronautics engineer both are considered as the most vital and indispensible part. Where an aeronautics engineer looks up at the designing of an aircraft, an AME is held responsible for its safety, security and the maintenance. An aeronautical engineer is basically indulged into study of aerodynamic performance of an aircraft. Though an AME is the only one who is authorised for the safety, security and maintenance of an aircraft. 

 AME or an Aeronautical engineer? Whom to choose?

Making it a bit simple for you, let’s say if you are someone who is extremely creative, you got to ought for the aircraft designing course or the aeronautical engineering course. The aeronautical engineer looks out for the construction material of an aircraft. It revolves around the theoretical as well as practical comprehension of constructive materials, assembling parts as well as the testing or maintenance of an aircraft. The licensed aeronautical engineers are just allowed to work in this domain. The Aeronautical engineering course also provides the prospect engineers, the knowledge of the advanced technologies that are used in aircraft travelling in the outer atmosphere as well.

And if you are someone who loves perfection, then you must opt for an or an Aircraft maintenance course as this is a three-year training programme which helps an aircraft be in the best of its flying condition.  Officially licensed by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), a successful AME is a pro in either mechanical lane or an avionics lane. A mechanical ame cover the light as well as the heavy aircrafts or a jet and a piston engine as well & an avionic ame cover radio navigation, and instrument and electrical systems. Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) is slightly different from Aeronautical or Aerospace Engineering. Aeronautical engineers specialise for the field at the B.Tech level and are involved in designing and manufacturing of aircrafts while Aircraft Maintenance Engineers service the aircraft and keep it in perfect flying condition.

Work of an ame and aeronautical engineer

  Designing a craft- This is what an aeronautical engineer do. The four year degree course of aeronautical engineering is primarily involved in designing aircraft and propulsion system along with the aerodynamic studies related to aircraft performances and construction materials as well. 

  On the other hand, all that an AME or aircraft maintenance engineer does is keeping their eye over the safety of the aircraft along with its security and maintenance. An AME is authorised the FRC. FRC stand for Flight Releasing Certificate which indicates that no flight can take off without the approval of an AME.With the growing number of aircrafts in the country, the vacancies are increasing as well. These increase in the vacancies demand more and more of avionic engineers. When it comes to the scope of aeronautical engineering in India, then you will come to know that it is not that high. But in foreign countries, there is better number of opportunities.

Future of avionics

 Tourism and trade are considered as the two most vital national income generators and this becomes possible only via the highly successful availability of the aviation sector. Hence, the growth of aviation sector ultimately gives the push to the economy of the country.    

Availability of this sector overcomes geographical barriers between states, countries and continents. When we talk about employment, this sector has evolved prosperously and is still evolving with fast pace.

“Construction of new airports and the modernization of existing ones, Increasing connectivity and developing the infrastructure, development of modern air navigation system and devising ways to reduce cost and yet provide modern aviation facilities at various small cities”  are few efforts taken by the government of India to take the aviation Industry to another level.


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