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Why to Choose Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

Why to Choose Aircraft Maintenance Engineering?


This blog deals with answer to why to choose aircraft maintenance engineering, its scope in India along with the best AME college in India…………………..

India is all set to witness an exponential growth in the aviation industry in the upcoming years. This is solely because of the emerging middle-class demography and the working population who prefer to travel more by air.

Because of the increasing demand of the aviation industry, Aircraft Maintenance Engineering has emerged as one of the most attractive career options after 10+2 science. Many students are now diverting their career from the mainstream engineering field towards Aircraft Maintenance Engineering course.

This results in the establishment of many Aircraft Maintenance Engineering College in India providing Aircraft Maintenance Course.

Amongst which Bharat Institute of Aeronautics (BIA) serves as the Top AME College in Patna providing AME Course. (We will discuss more about BIA in the upcoming section)

People generally ask for “Is Aircraft Maintenance Engineering a Degree

Let me tell you, Aircraft Maintenance Engineering is neither a degree nor a diploma course. It is a licensed programme. After completion of this course, students are provided with a licence issued by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), Govt. of India.

What is the Job of an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer?


An aircraft maintenance engineer keeps aircraft in the working order through inspections, maintenance, and repair works.

However, following mentioned are some of the job requirements of Aircraft Maintenance Engineer:

  • To ensure the proper safety and functioning of the aircraft
  • To make repairs, troubleshoot problems, conducts inspections and make upgrades to aircrafts
  • Daily duties of an AME include keeping a record of and performing scheduled maintenance and making emergency repairs


Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Scope in India


Here below you will get to know on what extent Aircraft Maintenance Engineering is in demand today. Thorough info on AME Scope in India.


Why to Choose Aircraft Maintenance Engineering?


There is a wide scope for Aircraft Maintenance Engineering in India as the Aviation Sector is developing at a fast rate. This is solely because, nowadays, people prefer to travel more by airplane in comparison to other means of transportation.

Thus, the number of travellers who are travelling by flights are increasing at a faster rate. This creates a huge demand for new aircraft to compensate for the huge traffic at the airport. To meet their expanding requirements, more aircraft are in the process of manufacturing. This results in an increase in demand for pilots and cabin crew for serving the customers.

Moreover, to ensure their safety and maintenance work of aircraft, an Aircraft Maintenance Engineers demand has also increased in many folds. This results in the companies looking for young, energetic and dynamic Aircraft Maintenance Engineers in India.

In addition to that, few Indian and foreign companies have also invested and jumped into this sector and earning a huge profit. This in turn contributes to the bright future for Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Scope in India.


Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course


Keeping in mind the rapidly changing demand of the aviation industry, Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course is designed.

The course syllabus includes deep study of Aircraft. It also covers training in the mechanical stream followed by practical training experience on live aircraft.


Category A1 – Line Maintenance


Category A1 licence is Basic Aircraft Maintenance Engineer licence to cover Jet Engine Powered Aeroplanes. The holder of category A1 licence directly employable without type-rating. He is authorised to issue CRS (Certificate to Release to Services) to an aircraft after minor scheduled line maintenance. And also responsible for simple detect rectifications as per the authorisation issued by the organization or airlines employing him/her.


Category B1 – Base Maintenance


Category B1 licence includes all the privileges of category A1. He/she is authorized to cover maintenance and repair of the structure, engine, mechanical, electrical & hydraulic system for that type of aircraft. He is also authorised to cover avionics systems requiring simple tests without troubleshooting. This category licence holder is employable in line maintenance as well as major maintenance as well as major maintenance for the type of aircraft.

Note: Refer this to know more about Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course Details


Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Placements


An AME placements can best give you the answer for why to choose aircraft maintenance engineering.

The salary of an aircraft maintenance engineering usually depends on the experience and organization of the person. However, the starting salary of an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer is very high in India.

Further, after getting a license, according to the pay scale an Aircraft Maintenance Engineers will be able to earn in lacs. Apart from the high salary an aircraft maintenance engineer also ears high dignity and respect in the society. And also the salary of aircraft maintenance engineering for girls and boys are equal in India in order to ensure gender equality.


About BIA – Best Aviation College in Patna


Bharat Institute of Aeronautics, also known as BIA, is one of the pioneer institute in the AME field providing Aviation Course in Patna. Established in the year 1981, this college is located in the premises of Jai Prakash Narayan International Airport, Patna. It is one of the primary Institute which promotes the Aviation Awareness amongst the youth and move forward towards progressive development

BIA Patna believes that a better environment always produce a better mind. In the list of Aviation training institute in Patna, BIA Patna is on the top since beginning. Bharat institute of aeronautics Patna fee structure is also affordable so you can join this course and turn your dreams into reality.

So, here ends the blog for why to choose aircraft maintenance engineering. We hope that you find this blog informative.

Till Then, Stay Tuned as we will be back with more such informative blogs…………………


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