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Why to Choose Aircraft Maintenance Engineering?

Why to Choose Aircraft Maintenance Engineering?

Air transport is becoming most popular trend of transport. It is the gift of the 20th century to us. It is the fastest mode of transport so, demand of Air transport is high. In every transport some sort of prevention is necessary. Before every journey an aircraft maintenance engineer is appointed to check the aircraft. A special course named as aircraft maintenance course is designed for this. Now a days you can easily get a job after this course when other engineering courses are showing a downward trend. Students are also attracted to the aircraft maintenance engineering salary package. Compared to other courses, it gives attractive salary and better life style.

Before discussing further into salary and lifestyle of aircraft maintenance engineer in India, let’s discuss about courses.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Course

DGCA approval and certified, commonly called aircraft maintenance engineering, is one of the most desired and prestigious educational qualifications in India.

Earlier, most licensed holders in India were qualified from abroad countries. However, the scenario has changed when BIA Patna came into existence. BIA is an aviation training institute in Patna. The best types of DGCA license courses are available at BIA Patna.

Here are the aircraft maintenance course offered at BIA Patna


It is a basic Aircraft Maintenance Engineers licence to cover Jet Engine Powered Aeroplanes. When you hold the A1 license, you will be directly employable without Type Rating. You are authorised to issue Certificate of Release to Service to an Aircraft. You can issue that a result of minor schedule line maintenance and simple detect rectifications as per the authorization issued by the AMO or Airlines. Course duration for this category is 2 year which includes 1 year practical training at AIR INDIA.


It is a basic license course includes all the privileges of line maintenance. After getting Type Rating for a particular aircraft you will become a full-fledged Aircraft maintenance engineer. It covers repair, maintenance, replacement or rectification of structure, engine, mechanical, hydraulic and electrical systems for that type of aircraft. You will be also authorized for Avionics systems requiring simple tests without troubleshooting. You will be employable in line maintenance as well as Major Maintenance for the type of Aircraft. Couse duration for this category is 4 year which includes 2 year practical training at AIR INDIA.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Scope

Compared to other courses, aircraft maintenance engineering scope has a wide range. You can see your future in the aviation sector like Indian Spice Jet, Air India, Indigo and many more. All these airlines looking for large number of Aircraft maintenance engineer for the maintenance works of their aircraft. The opportunity does not limited to India only it extends to airlines in abroad too. So there is a huge demand in some aviation companies of 191 countries.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Salary

As a result of huge placement at BIA Patna we have access to the large scale data related with aircraft maintenance engineering salary. Aircraft maintenance engineers have a respectable position in the aviation sector. Usually they are highly paid staff of the company. With experience in aviation industry our candidates are getting handsome salary in various airlines. Particularly aviation industry is known for the amazing lifestyle.

BIA Patna (An institute you desire for)

Aircraft maintenance engineering in Patna got started with BIA Patna. We provide best training and that clearly shows in BIA Patna placement data. We provided access to everything related with aviation course. As a result of this we are rated as best Aviation College in Patna. We have a team of highly qualified and experienced teachers and trainers. Our teachers are fully dedicated for the students. In very short time span we are listed in top ame college in Bihar. For questions like bharat institute of aeronautics Patna fee structure, aircraft maintenance engineering course details go through the courses page of our website or you can contact us. We will be very happy to help you.

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