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Importance of Theoretical Education & Practical Training in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

Currently, Aircraft Maintenance Engineering is without any doubt one of the most exciting careers for those who’re looking for something other than medicine and regular engineering courses.

Despite the fact that Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) is another branch of engineering, it’s a completely new field.

This article is for all the AME aspirants who are genuinely anxious about Aircraft Maintenance Engineering.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course makes you an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, which is one of the best career in aviation sector in terms of respect and salary.

Thinking of Aircraft Engineer Job Profile??

They are the one responsible for safety of an aircraft and its passengers.

To be this engineer, you’re require to get an AME license which is internationally valid.


So, this clearly mean that a License Holder Aircraft Maintenance Engineer have always very bright career opportunities in government as well as private sector.

It is valid in both India as well as abroad.

However to be an AME (Aircraft Maintenance Engineer), you need to pursue Aircraft Maintenance Course which comprises both the theoretical as well as practical education.

To pursue this Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course, you have wide range of options available in India. Nonetheless, if want to go for the best one… Bharat Institute of Aeronautics (BIA) is for you…

Yes… you heard it right!!

Being an integral part of IIA Group (the top AME Institute in India), BIA is the one and only AME institute prospering in Bihar & Jharkhand. It was established in the year 1981.

Situated in the premises of Jai Prakash Narayan International Airport, Patna, BIA is the pioneer institute in Bihar, providing ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) standard of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Courses.

So, this was about BIA, which you can opt for to pursue AME from one of the top aircraft maintenance engineering colleges in India.

Now come back to the Aircraft Maintenance Course, and its two vital sections – Theoretical & Practical Training.

Bharat Institute of Aeronautics (BIA Patna) has all the vital requisite to train you in a highly efficient manner.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Courses Offered by BIA include:

  1. A1
  2. B1.1


Category A1 is a Basic Aircraft Maintenance Engineers license that cover Jet Engine Powered Aeroplanes.

The holder of category A1 license is directly employable without Type-Rating.

The Total Duration of A1 Aircraft Maintenance Course is 1+1 (2) Years.

These two years includes both the theoretical and practical education.

For info on fees of this AME Course, please do refer to the BIA Official Website.


Category B1.1 license holder are provided with all the privileges of category A1.

The person who holds this license becomes a full-fledged Aircraft Maintenance Engineer to cover maintenance, repair, rectification or replacement of structure, engine and mechanical systems for that type of aircraft.

Total Duration of B1.1 Aircraft Maintenance Course is 2+2 (4) Years.

Likewise A1’s case, B1.1 Course duration also comprises both Theoretical and practical education.

Further for detailed info on AME Course, you can refer to Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course Details

Bharat Institute of Aeronautics (the best Aviation Training Institute in Patna) is very much aware of the fact that only theoretical education is not enough to pursue Aircraft Maintenance Engineering or to be a successful Aircraft Maintenance Engineer.

Practical knowledge is must!!

Considering this, it has comprises few very special things in its campus, i.e., Aircraft Workshop, Hangar, Avionics Shop & Engine Repair Workshop.

All these things do have their own importance, when it comes to practical training in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering.

Airframe Workshop

When it’s about Aircraft Maintenance Course, it’s obvious that only lectures are not going to help you.

For a better learning experience, regular practice of the work in occurrence of Airframe Workshops in the campus is important.

BIA, the top AME College in Patna, Bihar, make this happen at every regular interval of time.

BIA believes that live aircraft studies and going through the Airframe structure practically helps students grow and be a skilled aircraft maintenance engineer.


Monitoring the Aircraft Hangers is a very vital part of the Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course.

BIA, being situated inside the premises of Patna airport, facilitate its students with an opportunity to grow in the professional campus itself.

The institute comprises full featured Laboratories & Workshops.

Avionics Shop

As discussed above, the institute comprises Avionics labs & Mechanical workshop, equipped with all the latest equipments.

BIA, being the top Aviation College in Patna is very much aware of the fact that Practical Training in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering require environment as well as equipment’s to work on and learn. And thus it included such learning space in the form of Avionics Shop.

BIA prospering the best view of airplanes and airport campus.

Engine Repair Workshop

At BIA, Engine Repair Workshop is conducted at every regular interval to teach students on live aircrafts during Airframe Workshops and classes.

The workshop includes all the required aircraft parts on which the students can get trained and learn engine repair.

BIA, the best institute to pursue Aircraft Maintenance Engineering in Patna, believes that:

A Demo Can Help You Out For Every Way.

And thus same sort of demo teaching it regulates in its campus.

BIA includes 3 live aircrafts for the best practical training of students.

  1. Hawker Siddley HS 125
  2. Aeronca Sedan
  3. Beach Bonanza A-35


Students at BIA Patna are provided with opportunity to perform their practical training education on live aircrafts like Jet Airways, Go Air, Air India, Spice Jet and etc.

So, this was all about the practical education provided at Bharat Institute of Aeronautics (BIA Patna).

BIA, along with facilitating its AME Aspirants with good theoretical guidance in the classrooms, offers efficient practical training about the Aircraft Maintenance & Aircraft Parts.

Remember, all the above mentioned equipment’s or things are important to consider while taking admission in an Aircraft Maintenance Engineering College.


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