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Career in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

Career Opportunities of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering - BIA Patna

Young with a dream to fly or fix airplanes might look to a brighter future in an exciting and challenging field.

World-wide the business of Aircraft Maintenance is enormous and is set to expand. An AME plays a vital role in aviation industry and mainly deal with the maintenance repair and overhauling of the aircraft. Aircraft Maintenance Engineers have long been the unsung heroes in the aviation industry.

The primary function of aircraft maintenance engineers includes keeping the aircraft in perfect flying condition at the time of take-off. The recent growth in the aviation industry and entrance of numerous foreign airlines in India has generated wide range of opportunities in the field of aircraft maintenance engineering. In addition to all this, opening of the sky policy in the aviation field by Indian’s government has proved to be an added advantage.

Thus, about AME, it would for surely not be wrong to say that currently it’s one of the most lucrative career option among the youngsters. This is mainly because Aircraft Maintenance Engineers do fall under the category of the most elite groups of people of the aviation industry, who boast of a very bulk salary package and sheer prestige.

So, all those who have enough courage, dedication, good sense of practical diligence and professionalism, can definitely build a very perfect career in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering.

AME specialists are in demand world-wide and so, mostly get an attractive salary package that slightly changes in different countries.


Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course Details

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering courses are offered at graduation level in majority of the colleges. To get admission in aircraft maintenance engineering colleges in India, one is required to be a 10+2 pass with physics, chemistry and mathematics as the main subjects.

Moreover, candidates with three-year diploma in any branch of the engineering can also apply for the Bachelor’s course in technology.

Aircraft Maintenance engineering course duration is usually 2-4 years, depending onto the syllabus offered by the respective AME Institute in India.

With a graduation degree in the Aircraft Maintenance Course, one can apply for a master program in the same field. Now since it’s a licensed-based course, one should only apply for the Aircraft Maintenance Licensing Examination conducted by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), after the completion of aircraft maintenance engineering program.


Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Scope

An aircraft maintenance engineer can definitely get attractive job offers in several fields of the aviation industry, including airports & aircraft manufacturing/maintenance firms. These engineers can even join private airlines for better pay packages.

There is no limitations of growth for hard-working and dedicated professionals in aviation industry.

Since, demand for aircraft engineers are on global scale, they can even join aviation industries abroad that would provide them whooping salary packets with quite good incentives.

So, this was all about aircraft maintenance engineering, its scope, its course details, and etc. Now its time to move ahead towards the top AME Colleges in India.

Since today demand for AME is very high in India. So, to meet that demand, there is wide availability of aircraft maintenance engineering colleges in India. However despite that, here we would like to recommend you to go for Bharat Institute of Aeronautics (BIA). It’s the best government college for aircraft maintenance engineering in Patna.

Talking on larger scale, for BIA, it would be not wrong to refer it one of the top aircraft maintenance engineering colleges in India, granting AME licenses with the best AME course that come directly under the government.


Bharat Institute of Aeronautics – Top Aviation College in Patna

Bharat Institute of Aeronautics, the best aviation training institute in Patna would be the most suitable option for you to pursue AME. As till yet, the institute has trained about thousands of students and have successfully turned them into an efficient Aircraft Maintenance Engineers.

BIA Patna mainly aims at turning the leading minds into future engineers who have knowledge about mending machines.

BIA is the only college providing Aviation course in Patna.

So, what waiting for??

If want to have a career that is different from the ordinary ones, yeah but successful, then Aircraft Maintenance Engineering is for you.

Join BIA Patna Today!!

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