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Is Aircraft Maintenance Engineering a Diploma Course

Is Aircraft Maintenance Engineering a Diploma Course?

Now, everyone knows about the declining demand of mechanical, civil, and electrical engineers in India. So, students are looking for an alternative. Mostly career advisors are suggesting aircraft maintenance course as a better alternative. There are lots of reason behind this suggestion. But you know many people have a question that Is Aircraft Maintenance Engineering a Diploma Course.

Follow this article carefully because the first step in choosing your career is awareness. It will give you an idea on aircraft maintenance engineering course details and Is Aircraft Maintenance Engineering a Diploma Course?

Let’s take up the first question.

Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering is Diploma:- True or False

False basically, aircraft maintenance course gives a licence after completion of course. Mostly people thinks this as licence given by institutes. But, it’s a fact that only DGCA, Govt. of India can provide this licence. Now, we think you get your answer and all the confusion about Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course is solved.

Now, let’s move forward to the aircraft maintenance course.

Aircraft Maintenance Course Offered by Aviation Training Institute in Patna

Generally, before admission it’s very important to know about the course, syllabus, and scope. So, here you will get to know all the details about it. The course of top ame college in Patna includes –


In this course you will get to know about Electrical Fundamentals, Digital Techniques/Electronic Instrument Systems, Material and Hardware and other basic details regarding aircrafts. Apart from all, this licence program includes practical training at AIR INDIA. This is a two year licence program offered at BIA Patna which includes one year practical training at AIR INDIA.


This licence program includes the syllabus of Category A1 with Electronic Fundamentals and details of turbine engine. This is a four year licence program including two year of practical training at AIR INDIA.

Now, you have the clarity regarding this course. So, you must take a step and join the aviation training institute in Patna. But the question is which one? Always choose the top aircraft maintenance engineering colleges in India. Let’s go for the name and details of top aircraft maintenance engineering colleges in India.

BIA Patna

One of the big name for aircraft maintenance engineering across India is BIA Patna. With the hard work of experienced faculty and trainers, students are getting the huge offers regarding jobs. Apart from the training and study you will get amazing environment as well. BIA Patna believes that a better environment always produce a better mind. In the list of Aviation training institute in Patna, BIA Patna is on the top since beginning. Bharat institute of aeronautics Patna fee structure is affordable so you can join this course and turn your dreams into reality.

If you want to know about the placements of bia Patna then go to the website and check the line, BIA Patna provide students hundred percent placement assistance.

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