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India Joins the elite countries in Aviation takes of first Biofuel flight from Dehradun to Delhi

India achieves milestone in Aviation 

We always say that India is growing each day with the best pace possible. This statement has been lately proved with the invention of the first ever bio-fuel on Monday with Spicejet planning to operate a turborporp, Q-400, from Dehradun to Delhi using this sustainable alternative. You will be amazed to know that India is the first among all the developing nations to make such remarkable attempt in the avionic world. The already developed countries like Australia, Canada and US have already tested commercial flights on bio-fuel earlier this year that is January, 2018.

It has been found out that the biofuel powered Bombardier Q-400 took off from Dehradun and it flew for 45 minutes and returned back to Delhi . Officials from several regulatory agencies, including DGCA, were on board to see the result of the flight.

Aviation Technology demands AME in large numbers to accomplish its dream of developing  First Bio-fuel flight.

Since years the top AME colleges are dedicated in making the AME course that tends the aeronautics maintenance engineers learn new and advanced way of using Biofuel to reduce dependence on non-renewable fossil fuels. On august 10, World Biofuel Day 2018our Prime minister released,’ The National Policy on Biofuels 2018’.

This is a celebrating moment for the country as the India’s first biofuel flight has indeed done a remarkable job in the aviation industry, which was a dream of all. Any Aircraft maintenance engineer would want to see a fossil fuel free flight fly high in the sky. This will ultimately work for the betterment of the nation. 

According to the policy it has been said that the biofuel is produced from renewable resources and is used as a replacement of diesel, petrol or other fossil fuels to fulfil the purpose of transportation, stationary, or other applications. The renewable resources are the biodegradable part of products, wastes and residues from forestry, agriculture and non-edible oils. They ultimately are used in transportation and stationary applications.

Hence, we could see a brighter picture of the aviation industry in future. This advancement will need better and upgraded AME courses. The Top AME Institutes  and colleges in India need to pull their socks upto give the aspiring Aircraft maintenance engineers the special training that could lead them to get more of such successful endeavours. There is an expectation of thrilling advancements in the avionics industry till 2030. India got to work upon the new technologies to help reach the country to another level worldwide. 



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