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10 Most Successful Career Options in Aviation | Career After 12th

Is an Aviation Career in Your Future?

Here find out the 10 most successful options in Aviation…

Usually when it comes to career, everyone has some specific reasons for their respective career choices.

Things which are important to consider while going for a particular career:

  • Surety of getting job
  • A deep and abiding interest in the industry/niche.
  • Lucrative Salaries
  • Determination that the career future is good.
  • Scope of success in respective job

All those who considers an aviation career, have most probably had highly positive thoughts about the aforementioned points.

Choosing a particular career in aviation industry is a bit tough job as plenty of options are available. So, here to help you out with this, we’ve mentioned 10 options holding up the greatest promise.

Career Options in Aviation Sector

All the below listed careers are the most successful ones in Aviation sector. 


Pilot is probably the most common career that comes to mind while thinking of career in Aviation. To be a pilot, there are requirements of some things like significant schooling, aviation degree and a pilot license.

Pilots do make good money, both commercial and corporate.

Test Pilot

It’s a less well-known aviation career, however a lucrative one.

At time when new planes are build up and designed by aircraft manufacturers, requirement of pilots to test them arises.

The requirements are quite similar – flight school with a degree and a pilot’s license.

This job profile is simple good for all those who are willing to re-train as new technology is developed.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineers

Currently it’s a career in aviation sector which is booming globally.

This career in aviation requires key skills in electronics, as the technician is responsible to maintain all of the electronics systems in an airplane or in airports themselves.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineers gain prestige by the fact that they are responsible for the safety of million of flyers. They aside, enjoy higher salaries than other comparable technical personnel.

This huge demand of aircraft maintenance engineers has resultant in the wide availability of aircraft maintenance engineering colleges in India and other countries across globe.

Bharat Institute of Aeronautics (BIA) is one of the top Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Colleges in India to pursue Aviation Course in Patna.

Situated in the premises of Jai Prakash Narayan International Airport Patna, BIA is the top AME College in Patna Bihar, providing ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) standard of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Courses under one roof facility.

BIA, the top Aviation Training Institute in Patna is approved by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), Govt. of India.

So, if genuinely wants to pursue Aircraft Maintenance, go for Bharat Institute of Aeronautics (BIA Patna).

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Aeronautical Engineer

To be an aeronautical engineer, you need a higher education for sure, and a graduate degree.

However the field comprises of an unlimited future – research, development and aircraft designing.

Aerospace Engineer

Its also an one another career in aviation after graduation with unlimited future.

In this profession, you’re require to think in terms of spacecraft, middles, drones and satellites.

Graduation is must, along with continued education and training.

Air Traffic Controller

Among all the aviation jobs, this job profile is a bit stressful.

Stress with this aviation job you can imagine or can compare with all the seen films of controllers in horrible circumstances when airplanes are in danger or distress.

To be an Air Traffic Controller is not just a job.

There are numerous computer centers at times when much of the monitoring is to get done.

With the enhancement in technology, assumptions are high that there will be some decline in demand. However, its also the fact that there will always be the requirement for techies in this particular aviation field.

Aircraft Interior Technician

Aircraft Interior Designing is an aviation career that involves numerous skills.

Its actually much more than just an interior designer position.

Creating space which is aerodynamically appropriate and yet accommodates all of the requirements of crew and passengers is a feat, and since designs change, so will interiors.

Technical skills figures highly in this career field, especially in the modes development.

Flight Mechanic

To be a Flight Mechanic, no college degree is required. However there are FAA Certifications which are require to get obtained.

The career in this aviation sector is as the name implies – just like auto mechanics. These craftsmen repair and maintain the mechanical components of a plane.

Individuals with Aircraft & Powerplant License are more in demand and will have paid better.

Grounds Crew/Flight Attendants

For all those who wishes to build up career in aviation without the demand of education and training after high school, a grounds crew or flight attendant position might be a very good position.

This job profile in aviation sector does not require any special skills beyond the training that airlines provide upon hire.

Flight attendants might find pay more lucrative with some major foreign airlines, as there is comparatively much more demand for English-speaking attendants.


From on-flight marshals in disguise to TSA agents at the gate, there is a wide availability of jobs involving airport and airline security.

All these are government jobs, via the FAA or homeland Security.

These job holders are paid well for higher-level positions with degrees.

So, this was our list of careers in aviation.

Be assure about one thing that Airline Jobs are going nowhere.

Most in demand right now are pilots and Aircraft Maintenance Engineers. However with the enhancement in technology, indubitably news careers will be there in aviation industry ahead with new skills requirements.

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