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Aircraft Maintenance Importance

Why is Aircraft’s Maintenance Important?

A frequently asked question in Aviation is ‘Why is Aircraft's Maintenance Important?’

Here in this blog you will know the details along-with some specific Types of Aircraft Maintenance Inspections we need to schedule at regular intervals.

It’s the fact that if you ignore some Common Aircraft Maintenance Problems, once it leads to a big accident.

The main concern of every airline is to deliver the passengers safely to their destination.

Therefore, to avoid such future accidents, you need to schedule the exhaustive Types of Aircraft Maintenance Checks on regular basis.

In the first section, let’s understand why Aircraft Maintenance is Important.

Why is Aircraft’s Maintenance Important?

Aircraft Maintenance is highly regulated in every part of the world. The reasons why this activity is being regulated are:

  • It helps avoid lost flights because of failure: The maintenance activity can well-inform about the replacement of batteries and other parts that are damaged. Therefore, to assure that everything is working in perfect status, An Aircraft Maintenance Organization needs to schedule a regular maintenance.
  • To Maintain a Good Performance: To assure that the Aero-Plane is going to work well every time it flies, you need to schedule a maintenance. Airflow Check is one of the most important part of a Commercial Aircraft Maintenance Inspections.
  • To ensure passenger safety: Plane Maintenance Activity is important to avoid accidents that may be cause by failures. The main concern of every aircraft is to deliver passengers safely to their destination.
  • It Helps Extending the Life of Aircrafts: The regular maintenance of an aircraft prolongs its life.

Aircraft Maintenance is scheduled in different levels of inspection. Therefore, the maintenance activity is the constant need of an aircraft company.

Types of Aircraft Maintenance Inspections

The aircraft maintenance inspections can be categorized into two parts: Scheduled and Unscheduled Checks.

Scheduled Aircraft Maintenance

  • Preflight Checks: Certain preflight checks are scheduled in order to make sure the aircraft is ready to be flown and that there are no obvious defects or malfunctions.
  • 50 and 100 Hour Inspections: It includes changing oil, examining, cleaning and gapping the spark plugs and checking the engine for any damage.
  • Annual Inspections: It’s performed every year in the calendar month. It’s required for all aircrafts, regardless of whether they are used for hire, flight instruction or for recreational use.
  • Progressive Inspections: It’s also occurred at regular intervals to examine some certain components of the aircraft for proper operation.

Unscheduled Aircraft Maintenance

An Unscheduled Aircraft Maintenance Inspection occurs anytime when a component has malfunctioned or is suspected of malfunctioning.

To perform all Types of Aircraft Maintenance Checks, the company needs adequate employees.

Let’s now discuss how a person can become an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer.

An Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) is the responsible person for the safety, security and maintenance of an aircraft.

To become an aircraft engineer, first you need to complete an Aircraft Maintenance Course which is approved under DGCA license.

To complete this aviation course, you can join any of the Top Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Colleges in India.

However, Bharat Institute of Aeronautics (BIA Patna) is the Top AME College in Bihar that assures the maximum Job-placements.

Bharat Institute of Aeronautics – The Best Aviation College in Patna

Bharat Institute of Aeronautics (BIA Patna) is an integral part of IIA Group. It promotes aviation awareness amongst the new aspirants and move towards the progressive development.

BIA Patna Placement Rate is higher than many other aviation institutes in India. It proves that BIA is the best Aviation Training Institute in Patna, Bihar.

This aviation college is situated in the premises of Jai Prakash Narayan International Airport, Patna.

Therefore, if you want a successful career in aviation and interested to pursue the Aviation Course in Patna, you can join us.

If you are interested to know about course detail, eligibility criteria, fee structures and How to Take Admission in BIA Patna, you can continue reading…

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course Details

The Aviation Course is classified into two parts:

A1 (1+1 Years) Line Maintenance: This course covers Basic Aircraft Maintenance Engineers license to cover Jet Engine Powered Aero planes.

B1.1 (2+2 Years): The Base-maintenance license include all the privileges of the Line Maintenance. After attaining the Type Rating for a particular aircraft, you become a full-fledged Aircraft Maintenance Engineer.

Eligibility Criteria: Aircraft Maintenance Engineering in Patna

These are few criteria you need to fulfill when you go to join for Aircraft Maintenance Engineering:

  • 10+2 Pass with Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics as major subjects.
  • Minimum age at the time of admission is 16 years.
  • Medical fitness certificate issued by Registered Medical Practitioner.
  • Candidates who have done diploma in Mechanical, Electrical, Electronic & Aeronautical stream can also apply.

Now, if you want to know fee details, you can see Bharat Institute of Aeronautics Patna Fee Structure on its official website.

Finally, when you are eligible in all ways and satisfied with the details, you can proceed to join BIA. Just follow the instructions given on website, and submit your application online.


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