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Scope of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

Scope of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) in India & Abroad


Excellent scope is waiting for the Aircraft Maintenance Engineers in India

Today India is world 3rd largest aviation market in the world.

As per stats,

In India, aviation sector is developing as fast as at the rate of 25% growth in India.

So, it’s obvious that India earns huge profit in this sector. Now because of this big profit, In India, there is a huge demand of more Aircrafts. As a result companies are looking for energetic, young and dynamic Aircraft Maintenance Engineers here.

Aside from Indian companies, wide range of foreign companies are also there in this sector, earning a handsome profit.

Thus, seeing all this, it would for surely not be wrong to say that today Aircraft Maintenance Engineering or AME is the most popular career option.


Scope of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering in India

In simple words, scope of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering is just great in India.

Reason behind this is simple. As mentioned above, the aviation sector in India is expanding rapidly. Here every year, companies are buying new planes and adding more air routes in domestic sector.

Last year, Indigo airline signed a deal worth $26.6 billion with Airbus.  In the coming years, it will buy a minimum of 250 planes.

In the same manner, several other airline companies are also buying planes and upgrading their fleet.

Here, we gave the example just to provide you with an idea how the aviation industry is expanding in India. And onto how much extent there is demand of skilled Aircraft Maintenance Engineers.


Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course Details

Have a look at the Aircraft maintenance engineering course details along with eligibilities require to take admission in AME Colleges.

Eligibility criteria for the AME Course include:

  • 10+2 Pass with Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics as major subjects.
  • Minimum age for taking admission is 16 years.
  • Medical fitness certificate is required by Registered Medical Practitioner.
  • Candidates who have done diploma in Mechanical, Electronic, Electrical & Aeronautical stream can also apply.

The duration of AME course is of i.e A1(1+1) years and B1.1 (2+2) years. Onto the successful completion of this Aircraft maintenance course, you will get licensed by the competent authority and will own the right to undertake all kinds of maintenance works of Aircraft.

The license is highly valued and the AME is the full in charge of making the Aircraft OK to fly. Without the approval of AME, the flight cannot take its journey.

So, the Aircraft Maintenance Engineers have all the rights and responsibility to make the flight OK by testing and checking all its vital components regarding its smooth functioning. Besides from all this, safety mechanism is a quite important aspect of the duty of AME.

The candidate completing AME cannot be considered as graduate. Reasons behind this is that AME is not a graduation course. It’s instead a license course (or you can call it a professional course).


Expected Salary of Aircraft Maintenance Engineers

The Aircraft Maintenance Engineers own a respectable position in the aviation sector. And so they are highly paid staff of the company.

Initially AME get around Rs. 35000/- per month. However it may continuously keep on raising as gaining experience.

As per experience and dedication in work, companies suitably reward in hiking AME’s salary up to 60000/- to 100000/-.

Hence, with this, it get proved that candidates joining AME would have bright future. They will for surely earn a handsome salary with dedication towards their respective duty.

So, this was all about scope of Aircraft Maintenance Engineers in India & Abroad.

Now coming onto be a perfect AME. For being a perfect AME, you are require to get trained from one of the top Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Colleges in India. This will not only make your learning strong, but will prohibit you from committing any mistake.

So, at the end, all you require is to get admission in the best AME College in India, which would provide you with the best Aircraft maintenance training.

AME Course comes certified under the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), Govt. of India.

The Aircraft maintenance course at Bharat Institute of Aeronautics, an aviation college in Patna, Bihar grants AME licenses with the best aviation course in Patna.


Bharat Institute of Aeronautics – One of the Top Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Colleges in India

Bharat Institute of Aeronautics, the best  college for Aircraft maintenance engineering in India can be the best option for you to pursue AME. This aviation training institute in Patna, Bihar is been training hundreds of students per year and very proudly turning them into successful Aircraft Maintenance Engineers.

Being located in the premises of Patna airport, BIA Patna provides you with the close look to understand the daily operation and maintenance of Airport and Aircrafts.

Today, the BIA students are doing really very well in the Aviation industry.

So, what waiting for??

Enrol today with BIA, one of the best aeronautical engineering colleges in Patna, Bihar to have a career full of spark, away from the ordinary. 

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