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Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Scholarship Exam Syllabus

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Scholarship Exam Syllabus

If you are planning to make your career in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering, then here is a great opportunity for you…………… Bharat Institute of Aeronautics (BIA), a Top AME College in Patna is organizing a Scholarship Test to provide up to 50% scholarship to top 60 meritorious students through an AME entrance exam 2020. Read this blog to know more about Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Scholarship Exam 2020.


Eligibility for AME Scholarship Exam 2020

Following are the Eligibility of candidates for AME Scholarship Exam 2020

  1. Candidates must not be less than 16 yrs. of age.
  2. Candidates must have physics, chemistry, and math as major subjects in +2. Those who have completed their diploma in electrical, mechanical, aeronautics and electronics stream can also apply.
  3. Medical fitness certificate issued by a registered medical practitioner is required.
  4. Valid Aadhar card/passport is necessary.


Pattern for AME Scholarship Exam 2020


For 10+2 Students (Duration 2 hours)

S No.

Subjects Questions


1 General Awareness 20 20
2 English 20 20
3 Mathematics 30 30
4 Physics 30 30
Total   100 100



For Engineering Diploma Holders (Duration 1 hours)

S No.

Subjects Questions


1 General Awareness 10 10
2 English 15 15
3 Aptitude Test 25 25
Total   50 50



AME Scholarship Test Eligibility

AME Scholarship Exam 2020 will provide scholarship to top 60 meritorious students who appear for the “Common Aptitute Exam”.


Scholarship On Tuition Fees

Top 10 Students 50%
Next 20 Students 25%
Last 30 Students 10%



Syllabus for AME Scholarship Exam 2020

Syllabus for AME Scholarship Exam 2020 is given in detail below:


  • Nature of Matter Structure of atoms; Chemical Elements; States: solid, liquid and gases; Forces; Changes between states; Molecules; chemical compounds


  • Mechanics – Force; Moment; Couple; Vectors; Theory of elasticity; Pressure & Buoyancy; Linear circular & rotational movement; Theory of vibrations; Simple Harmonic Motion; Mechanical advantage; Inertia; Work, Power & Heat; Efficiency; Mechanical advantage; Impulse momentum; Friction; Fluid Dynamics.


  • Thermodynamics – Temperature; Heat Capacity; Specific Heat; Laws of thermodynamics.


  • Optics (Light) - Nature of light; Speed of light; Laws of reflection & refraction; Reflection at plane surfaces; reflection by spherical mirrors; refraction; lenses; fiber optics.


  • Wave Motion and Sound - mechanical waves; Sinusoidal Wave motion; interference phenomena; standing waves Sound; Speed of sound; intensity, pitch and quality; Doppler effect.



  • Arithmetic - Arithmetic terms & Signs; methods of multiplication and division; fractions and decimals; factors and multiples; weights, measures, and conversion; factors; ratio and proportion; averages and percentages; areas and volumes; squares and cubes; square and cube roots.


  • Algebra - Evaluating simple algebraic expressions; addition, subtraction, multiplication & division; use of brackets; simple algebraic fractions; linear equation; Indices and powers; negative and fractional indices; Binary and other applicable numbering systems; Simultaneous equations and second-degree equations with one unknown; Logarithms.


  • Geometry - Simple geometrical constructions; Graphical representation: nature and uses of graphs; graphs of equations/functions Simple trigonometry; trigonometrical relationships; use of tables and rectangular and polar coordinates.



  • Reading Comprehension
  • Phrases and Idioms
  • Synonyms and antonyms
  • Errors


General Knowledge

  • India and its states
  • Countries of the World
  • Current political affair
  • Indian Aviation Interface

  Note- To get an idea about the pattern of the Entrance Exam, you can refer to previous year AME Entrance Exam Question Paper.  


Important dates for AME Entrance Exam 2020

The AME Entrance Exam 2020 Examination Fees will be Rs. 1000/- for all students. The examination fees has to be submitted online through credit/debit/net banking while submitting the online application form.

S.No. Events


1 Last date for form submission 17th May 2020
2 Date of examination 20th May 2020
3 Result Declaration Last week of May 2020


Examination will be organized at approved training premises of Bharat Institute of Aeronautics, Patna. After the declaration of the results students have to submit their original documents for the validation and acceptance by the organization.  


About BIA

Bharat Institute of Aeronautics, also known as BIA, is one of the pioneer institutes of in the AME field providing Aviation Course in Patna. The college was established in the year 1981 and is located on the premises of Jay Prakash Narayan International Airport, Patna. Moreover, leveraging its locational advantage, its students get a chance to witness the daily operations of the Airport and Aircraft movements very closely. It is one of the primary Institute which promotes the Aviation Awareness among-st the youth and move forward towards progressive development. Note - To know more about BIA and Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course Details, you can visit its website……………….

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Bharat Institute of Aeronautics (BIA), Patna is one of the primary Institutions to promote Aviation Awareness amongst the new aspirants and move forward towards progressive development, with changing time and technology.

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