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Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Job Salary in India

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Jobs Salary & its perspective in India

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Job Salary in India is very high.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course is actually completely associated with the maintenance and repair of aircrafts. It’s a A1 and B1.1 course, which includes basic and actual training in flying environment.

Aircraft Maintenance Course is the collaboration of theoretical and practical knowledge.

The AME institutes are DGCA, Ministry of Civil Aviation & Govt. of India approved.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Job Salary

Aircraft Maintenance Engineers (AMEs) are highly paid professional.

At the time of training, if candidate clears all his modules, he can get paid on job-training very easily.

Further, according to the payscale, after getting license Aircraft Maintenance Engineers will be able to earn in lacs.

Not only salary, but the AME job also provides respect and high dignity.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineers are highly knowledgeable and skillful, as they are the backbone of the aviation industry.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Job Description

An aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) do plays a very crucial role in Aviation industry.

They do perform mechanical work at the skilled craftsman level, assist in the repairing, rebuilding, maintenance and servicing of aircraft.

An Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Regular Duties include carrying out daily aircraft maintenance and overhaul programs, completing repairs and replacements and checking out the condition of several aircraft and engines.

For AMEs, its important to follow their organization’s approved maintenance procedures.

These engineers should be potent enough to direct the work of many air mechanics.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineers should have an extensive knowledge of aircraft maintenance procedures and inspection systems.

They should have an in-depth ideas about aircraft materials/parts and regulations governing their compatibility with registered aircraft.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineers should be capable of selecting or recording data for aircraft. They should have enough knowledge of measuring instruments and testing equipments.

For an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, its important to have an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer’s license and several years of training experience on the job as an air mechanic or trades helper.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Job Scope in India

As earlier mentioned, Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Job Scope is rising up very rapidly in India. Here below, have a look at the report reflecting India’s development in the aviation industry.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Scope

• Currently Indian aviation sector is facing skill shortage in AMEs and Pilots. And since its growing rapidly, so the requirements of AME is at its peak.
• India’s growth in aviation industry is very rapid. Air traffic growth is around 28% that builds golden era to build up career as AME.
• Indian MRO Industry On the Verge of Expanding…There is Excellent Growth Rate for Aircraft Maintenance Engineering. This ultimately leads to new height to the AME career.
• Two Indian airports have been ranked in World’s top 10 fastest growing airports. The air traffic is increasing here very rapidly, leading to raise hike in AME jobs.
• The UDAN scheme is boosting up AME career. This scheme has made airfare quite affordable for common people to travel through. The drastic increment in domestic passenger is ultimately resulting in rise in AME career.

So, this was about the Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Scope. Now lets have a look at the aircraft maintenance engineering job opportunities.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Job Opportunities

Currently in India, undoubtedly aircraft maintenance engineering job opportunities are very high, because of the shortage of skilled AME.

In India, there is wide area providing jobs to the AME:

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Career Opportunities

  • National/International Carriers: These are the careers that provide transportation to the passengers. No aircraft can fly without the approval from Aircraft Maintenance Engineers.
  • MRO: The MRO organizations are specialize to perform the actions on aircraft frames, engines, landing gears, wings, fuselage and etc.
  • Airports: Aircraft Maintenance Engineers are responsible for the safety and security of aircraft at ground level. So, there’s a requirement of AME at the airport.
  • Aircraft Part Manufacturing Companies: The companies that manufacture the aircrafts components also requires AMEs.
  • Aircraft Operational Organization: The aircraft operational organizations are the organization who perform the operations within country or across the country. These organizations do requires Aircraft Maintenance Engineers.
  • Flying Clubs: These clubs provides the affordable access to the members.
  • Civil Defence Force: The Civil Defence Force like BSF do use flying objects. So they also need aircraft maintenance engineers.
  • DGCA: The DGCA is actually an Indian body that makes rules and regulations related to the security and safety of civil aviation.
  • And many other places: All the places wherever aircrafts are required, there’s a requirement of Aircraft Maintenance Engineers.

So, here our blog ends…

This was all about Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Jobs Salary in India.

Hopefully you enjoyed reading the blog and now would like to go for Aircraft Maintenance Engineering.

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