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Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Responsibilities

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Job Description & Responsibilities

 Aircraft maintenance engineers are trained and licensed to maintain the aircraft to industry standard. The aircraft maintenance is key to the proper performance and airworthiness of any aircraft.

If you are interested to know Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Job Description, Duties & Responsibilities and how to become an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Mechanical), then this blog is for you.

Safety is very important factor in the field of aviation. An aircraft is made up of thousands of latest technologies and numerous electrical and electronics systems, engines and parts. These systems need regular inspections and maintenance.

So, aircraft maintenance engineers are especially trained to inspect, diagnose the problems and finally solve them.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Job Description India

Aircraft maintenance engineers are also called as aircraft mechanics because they perform scheduled maintenance on propeller planes, airliners, helicopters and other flying machines.

They are responsible for checking the systems on aero-planes and helicopters in between flights to ensure the aircraft is safe to fly.

This job entails performing regular inspections, assessing and handling repairs, and updating aircraft whenever it needs.

Usually, they work in air fields, hangars and MRO’s. This is very exciting and innovative job profile in India.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Duties and Responsibilities

The key roles of an aircraft engineer involve the application of scientific and technological principles to the research, development and design of aircraft and their components.

What Does An Aircraft Engineer Do?

These are some specific duties of an aircraft maintenance engineer:

  • Performing Maintenance: To ensure safety across the assigned aircraft, an aircraft maintenance engineer perform maintenance work on both scheduled and non-scheduled. This job may include dismantling, inspecting, testing, repairing and reassembling aircraft engines; replacing and testing aircraft oxygen system components; installing electrical circuits; assembling parts; and conducting routine preflight inspections of engines and mechanical systems etc.
  • Maintain Facilities: This may include ordering parts and supplies as needed.
  • Uphold Safety and Security Measures: Aircraft maintenance engineers are familiar with relevant safety and security rules and procedures. An aircraft maintenance engineer can be prepared well for any FAA inspections by upholding safety and security measures.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Salary

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Salary is extraordinary in India as well as in Abroad.

  • In the starting phase, the Aircraft Engineer Salary may be Rs 40,000 to
  • 1,00,000 per month. However it can go up to Rs 5 Lakh also.
  • How to become an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer
  • To become an aircraft maintenance engineer, you should have these qualities:
  • Mechanical ability and manual skills for using tools and instruments
  • Good understanding on manuals and technical drawings
  • Possess logical and methodical approach in order to trace and diagnose faults
  • A strong sense of responsibility
  • Able to work well individually and also should have good team-working skills
  • Able to work quickly and accurately under pressure
  • Aware of safety hazards and precautions
  • Be Physically Fit And Agile, As Work May Be In Confined And Awkward Conditions
  • Have Normal Color Vision
  • Have A Good Head For Heights
  • Flexibility
  • Communication skills
  • Problem-solving skills


These are the few Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Skills.

However, to become an Aircraft Engineer, individual is require to complete a specific course.

For details on Aircraft Maintenance Course, keep reading this blog….

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Course

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Course is the essential course you have to complete if you want to obtain the AME License.
You can join an any Aviation Institute which has AME Course.
Bharat Institute of Aeronautics (BIA) Patna is the best Aviation Training Institute in Patna. They provides 2 kinds of Aircraft Maintenance Courses:

  • CATEGORY A 1-LINE MAINTENANCE: This course provides you with the Basic AME license that covers Jet Engine Powered Aircraft. This course enables you to become a Line Maintenance Engineer.
  • CATEGORY B 1.1-BASE MAINTENANCE: This course provides you the Base-maintenance license that covers all the privileges of the Line Maintenance and a Major Maintenance for particular type of Aircraft. After attaining the Type Rating for a particular aircraft, you will become a full-fledged Aircraft Maintenance Engineer.

However, you must fulfil the eligibility criteria before you go for the aviation course.

The Eligibility Criteria for Taking Admission in BIA Patna

  • The minimum 10+2 (PCM as major subjects) or diploma in mechanical,electrical and electronics is required to be completed before you opt for Aircraft Maintenance Course.
  • The minimum age should be 16 years.
  • Medical fitness certificate (issued by Registered Medical Practitioner)

Why to Choose BIA, Aviation Training Institute in Patna?

BIA is the Best Aviation Training Institute in Patna Bihar.

There are highly experienced and qualified faculties to offer the best quality aviation training in the way easy to understand for all new comers.

In BIA, there is facility of Smart Classrooms which would be the part of daily study.

Moreover, BIA Patna Placement Rate is very high. It proves that BIA is one of the Top Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Colleges in India which make you able to achieve your aviation goal.

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