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Aircraft Maintenance Course & Eligibility [BIA Patna]

Education should be utilized as a way for personal betterment, and at the same time it should be highly invaluable in securing a new career. Different courses teach valuable skills in a wide variety of fields for promoting a better understanding of any subject.

What is Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course?

Aircraft Maintenance Course is a technical training course that helps you to acquire an aircraft maintenance engineer license (issued by DGCA). It includes a very huge array of courses for participants to choose from. This program facilitate a better understanding of aircrafts and their working mechanism with the weather and the people on board.
Besides from facilitating students with bright future opportunities and the chance to learn something new, aircraft maintenance engineering course provides practical life skills also. These mainly includes communication, analysis skills, an understanding of laws and an awareness of weather. Each of these is indubitably highly valuable in everyday life.
Now when it’s about aircraft maintenance engineering course fees, it’s difficult to mention it, as the prices vary on a large basis between schools and universities as well as several countries.
Doing a little research has thus been referred important before taking admission in aircraft maintenance engineering college.
With the becoming of air travel more and more imperative to global operations of all the varieties, there are large number of jobs available in this field. After completing your aircraft maintenance course, you can expect job opportunities like aircraft maintenance technician, aircraft maintenance engineer, Quality manager, Quality auditor,aircraft structure material and numerous other ones associated with the aviation field. and the operations of plane and several other airborne vehicles.
AME Program is divided into two categories to cover the entire maintenance requirement of an Aircraft.They are:
  1. Category A1 
  2. Category B1.1
One might choose a particular category during the AME training courses and can specialize in it.
DGCA is the body which is responsible for maintaining the quality of AME training in India. So, it’s genuinely important to ensure to pursue this course from an institute that has been recognized and approved by DGCA.
Bharat Institute of Aeronautics is one of those.
Being an integral part of IIA Group and situated in the premises of Jai Prakash Narayan International Airport, Patna, Bharat Institute of Aeronautics (BIA) is the first and only Aviation College in Bihar & Jharkhand, providing prospects with the best aircraft maintenance course.
So, you can go for it if thinking to pursue Aircraft Maintenance Engineering from DGCA approved one of the top aircraft maintenance engineering colleges in India.
Now here below basic BIA aircraft maintenance engineering course details have been mentioned. Kindly have a look:

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course Details

Duration: Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Training course at BIA covers training in Mechanical stream and the set forth license training programs:
  • A1 Course Duration (1+1 Years)
  • B1.1 Course Duration (2+2 Years)

A1 Course

Category A1 license is a Basic Aircraft Maintenance Engineers license to cover up Jet Engine Powered Aeroplanes. The holder of this course is authorized to issue ‘CRS’ (Certificate of Release to Service) to an aircraft after minor scheduled line maintenance and simple detect rectifications. He is authorized to work on any type of aircraft (Jet engine powered aircraft) in Line Maintenance for flight departures.
Duration of this Aircraft Maintenance Course is 1+1 years.

B 1.1 Course

Category B1.1 Basic License holders includes all the privileges of category A1. He with the degree of this Aircraft Maintenance Course, becomes a full-fledged AME. Besides, he is now also authorized to cover up Avionics systems requiring simple tests without troubleshooting.
Duration of this Aircraft course is 2+2 years.
The Aircraft Maintenance Course facilitate here at BIA Patna trains students to inspect, service, repair and maintain aircraft and its various parts. It’s a technical training course onto completion of whom, candidates are awarded AME license by the DGCA!!

Eligibility Criteria

This is a technical course, to pursue which, students are require to pass 10+2 with Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics as major subjects. Diploma holders in Mechanical, Electrical & Electronic stream are also eligible to pursue aircraft maintenance course.
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